Come to the spot of leisures, zone of coziness, a perfect place to hang out with your beloved, it’s Bali Brasco. This officially is the sixth Brasco in Indonesia, and opened on September 2011 in Bali, after Jakarta and West Java. Bali Brasco is the center of sophisticated lifestyle, a one-stop shopping and entertainment center, a flawless spot for everyone who wants to taste the real combination of traditional rytmes with the modern touch on every details. The opening of Bali Brasco will rejuvenate the vein of holiday makers to experience brand new lifestyle of Bali.

More experience rather than just beaches are presented through Bali Brasco’s one-stop-shopping on the various best branded stuffs offered for man, woman, and children at affordable price. Clothing, footwear, and matched accessories are all available.
Bird-nest shop presents excellent product made of swallow bird-nest with its magical merit toward health and beauty.

Mango Spa Bali and Nail Art is similar but a different  magic to give you complete treatment of prettiness, while Mango Spa comes to retreat the balance of your body, mind and soul through its fabulous treatments.
If you just want to unwind and relaxed on your own, come to spend your precious time  at Brasco’s coffee shop.

Smart shoppers will never leave Bali before visiting Bali Brasco, as Bali Brasco is A guide for smart shopper to create a Bali-lifestyle experience!